• This week we continue our journey through the Genesys Role Playing Game's Magic system. We'll look at Step 5 of our re-skinning process where we detail a multitude of talents for our post-Apocalyptic setting. Plus, we explore Step 6 where we'll define the penalties for using mutagenic powers and determine […]
  • This week we ask you to slap on your L-Plates and allow us to take you on a driving lesson as we explore the Genesys Vehicle Rules with you on the show. We start with a look at the control skills for vehicle use in Die Casting, before hitting the […]
  • After a short hiatus we're back with a brand-new episode. This week we delve deeper into re-skinning the Genesys Magic rules using our Post-Apocalyptic Setting. We dissect, explain, and explore each of the six brand new Mutation Powers, and so much more.We also look at the plethora of releases from […]
  • The latest book in the Genesys RPG line from Fantasy Flight Games has arrived – THE EXPANDED PLAYERS GUIDE. And who better to bring onto the show to talk about the book than none other than Sam Gregor-Stewart, lead developer on the project, and freelancer Keith Kappel who also worked […]
  • In the first show for 2020, GMs Chris and Hooly take a long look at magic in their continuing series on Magic in Genesys. This episode they explore the first part of a discussion on re-skinning magic for a unique setting.They also explore the use of the Signature Spell talents […]
  • Fast and ever-in-motion, high-Agility species represent some common and classic archetype concepts. In our final show of the year we take a long look at how to create Agility based archetypes and create two unique archetypes/species for your game.We also chat with Brett Bowen of Studio 404 Games about their […]
  • This week on The Forge we continue our in-depth look at Magic in the Genesys Role Playing Game as we examine the many things not discussed in Episode 8 including Careers, Strain costs, and the use of Advantages, Triumphs, Threats and Despairs. We even add three more Magic Rules of […]
  • This week we continue our series on Archetypes with a look at the clever, the observant, and perhaps conniving as we make a Perception check to find those species with a high Cunning attribute. We even create a couple of unusual archetypes that still fit this archetype concept. In Die Casting […]
  • The topic that is at the top of our most asked about list is magic. The how’s, the why’s, and the why-nots. We here at the podcast have heard the call, and this episode, we set about starting our response to your questions by breaking down magic into its simplest […]
  • In this week's episode we continue our series examining the various Archetypes in the Genesys Role Playing Game, this time with a focus on Willpower. Whether it be the wise, the quick, or the downright scary, GMs Chris and Hooly step you through the creation process by delving into the […]

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