• After a short hiatus we're back with a brand-new episode. This week we delve deeper into re-skinning the Genesys Magic rules using our Post-Apocalyptic Setting. We dissect, explain, and explore each of the six brand new Mutation Powers, and so much more.We also look at the plethora of releases from […]
  • The latest book in the Genesys RPG line from Fantasy Flight Games has arrived – THE EXPANDED PLAYERS GUIDE. And who better to bring onto the show to talk about the book than none other than Sam Gregor-Stewart, lead developer on the project, and freelancer Keith Kappel who also worked […]
  • In the first show for 2020, GMs Chris and Hooly take a long look at magic in their continuing series on Magic in Genesys. This episode they explore the first part of a discussion on re-skinning magic for a unique setting.They also explore the use of the Signature Spell talents […]
  • Fast and ever-in-motion, high-Agility species represent some common and classic archetype concepts. In our final show of the year we take a long look at how to create Agility based archetypes and create two unique archetypes/species for your game.We also chat with Brett Bowen of Studio 404 Games about their […]
  • This week on The Forge we continue our in-depth look at Magic in the Genesys Role Playing Game as we examine the many things not discussed in Episode 8 including Careers, Strain costs, and the use of Advantages, Triumphs, Threats and Despairs. We even add three more Magic Rules of […]
  • This week we continue our series on Archetypes with a look at the clever, the observant, and perhaps conniving as we make a Perception check to find those species with a high Cunning attribute. We even create a couple of unusual archetypes that still fit this archetype concept. In Die Casting […]
  • The topic that is at the top of our most asked about list is magic. The how’s, the why’s, and the why-nots. We here at the podcast have heard the call, and this episode, we set about starting our response to your questions by breaking down magic into its simplest […]
  • In this week's episode we continue our series examining the various Archetypes in the Genesys Role Playing Game, this time with a focus on Willpower. Whether it be the wise, the quick, or the downright scary, GMs Chris and Hooly step you through the creation process by delving into the […]
  • With an ever-increasing library of products available on the Foundry, have you ever stopped to consider what you're looking at? Not the words on the page, but the visuals. The art, the paragraphs, the backgrounds, and the appearance of the document? If you have, and it fascinates you, then have […]
  • On this episode of The Forge: A Genesys RPG Podcast, we'll take you through the steps of creating Adventure Seeds for your next campaign or product with the help of an esteemed expert, a man with over 30 FFG products behind him, the much loved Mr Sterling Hershey, as we […]

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